If you have long days of work and celebration . . .

...pACKactive is for your pup! We are a customized and energetic dog-walking business on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts. The primary goal of pACKactive is to allow dogs a safe and fun avenue for achieving the daily exercise and socialization they need and deserve.

natucket dogs beach packactive
Ivy- Boston Terrier Rescue
Nellie- Pugador Rescue
Ginger- Catahoula Rescue
Bruno- Great Dane
Riley- Black Lab
Honey- Golden/Wheaten Rescue
Nesta- Border Collie
TJ- GoldenDoodle
Puck- English Lab
Keeper- Proud Rescue
Riley- Boxer
Ella- Yellow Lab Rescue
Blue Heeler
Ned- Golden Rescue
Basin- Golden/Lab
Riley Roo- Black Lab
Gracie- Golden Retreiver
Maggie- Golden/Lab
Micky- Golden/Lab
Nunka- Proud Rescue
Caswell- Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Sabine- Belgian Shepherd
Dupree- American Lab
Nina- Rat Terrier
Daisey- Proud Rescue