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Amy is an absolute gift from heaven.  When she walks in to pick up my dog, Myrtle cannot get to her fast enough with snuggles and kisses.  I know that Myrtle is well loved and looked after.  I don’t have to feel guilty for being at work because I know Myrtle is getting all the exercise, socializing and attention she needs.  She returns home exhausted and happy.  We love Amy and her team!  I cannot say enough about how highly I think of pACKactive!

-Laurie and her dog Myrtle

pACKactive has been a lifesaver for us and our two dogs. There is a major difference in them on the days they have their pack walk and the days they don’t! There is no way that my husband and I could keep up with their energy levels while working without the pACKactive crew. Not only are they tired and happy, but Amy truly treats them like they are one of her own. She is so attentive and knows all the dogs so well. Our younger dog is full of excitement and energy while our older dog can be a little bit picky around new friends but Amy has a way of mixing together the perfect “pack”. Not to mention, when one of the packactive cars pulls up for a walk they both jump for joy, literally. She is always communicating schedules and updates so there is never any confusion. She lets us know closed dates or any issues far ahead of time. I am never worried about our dogs when they are with the pACKactive girls and the photos Janette sends are professional quality! 

-Dani & Sam with their dogs

Marty & Jackson

I met Amy a few years ago, and Amy is a very special person. The love and care she shows for my dog and others is incredible. My timid and nervous rescue has done so well socially and I know it’s because of Amy and Janette! They allow her to be a dog all the while teaching her how to behave with a pack of friends! I’m always in awe at the photos they send of Layla sitting attentively with the other dogs! I’m so grateful and thankful for the time they spend with Layla!

-Jasmine and her dog Layla

Miss Amy has been a positive and big part of our lives over the last year. Her team is so much more the just dog walkers they give the gift of connection and adventure to very lucky fur-kids. We have two large puppies that need lots of socializing with new people and dogs and pACKactive has been a huge part of their training. Lucky for Kahu and Tallulah they have pACKactive to take them on wonderful adventures and keep their world open and wide. We send our dog with Amy for the same reason we send our tiny humans to camp; to make friends, learn new things and explore this beautiful island.

-Shawna with her dogs Kahu & Talulah

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