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an awesome job?

pACKactive is always looking to add to our dynamic and capable team! 

Our pACK Leaders are supportive, hearty, funny, well-trained and always open to learning.

Here are some things to consider when applying for pACK:


  • We walk dogs in all weather conditions.
  • We drive in all weather conditions.
  • We have a high standard of care that we deliver to our clients.
  • We are in constant communication with each other, requiring use of your own phone.
  • This work is physically demanding.
  • Our team is optimistic and supportive of each other, we only want team members who also hold these values.
  • New pACK walkers undergo extensive training.
  • While walking dogs appears to be (and often is!) a "dream job", be very aware that it includes many aspects that are not dreamy. e.g. poop, puke, slobber, urine, mud, heavy lifting...all with a smile.

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