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Amy Deckard


Hi! My name is Amy, and I am a lifelong animal lover, originally from the map-dot called Pearcy outside of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. Throughout my childhood I always had a variety of pets to care for. Maybe surprisingly, cats were my first and favorite kind of pet. I was especially fond of my yellow tabby girl, "Puddin' ". There were many more "critters", as my parents called them! Turtles, frogs, an iguana, a ferret, hamsters, along with all the stray cats and dogs I could find to help. As a child, I thought the only way to work with animals was to become a Veterinarian, so that is what I said I would become!
In my college years, I changed my mind and decided to study Social Work. I earned my BSW and worked for the State of Arkansas after college. After some time and moving around the country to Colorado, Utah, Hawaii, and then back to Arkansas, I made my way to Nantucket in June 2012 to wait tables for the summer...The story that so many of us have, washing ashore on Nantucket! 
In my spare time you can usually find me snuggling or walking with my own trio of hooligan dogs. Justice, Bizzy and Banjo are my constant source of smiles and comfort. 
I began my long time dream of starting a dog hiking operation in 2014. I'm so happy that I made the leap to start a small business. The friends, co-workers, human clients, and ESPECIALLY the K9 participants make my days a total dream! A sweaty, slobbery, dirty, wet and sometimes very long dream, but a dream nonetheless!
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