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Janette Vohs

Walker since June 2016

     Janette became a resident of Nantucket in 2003, moving here from Illinois with a long history of loving all things animal!  From a young age her house was full of loving family pets ranging from numerous rescued dogs, cats, fish to even a gerbil.  Her passion for helping animals is still prevalent today, as she now lives with her 3 rescued Nantucket beach cats! 
     Besides her love for animals, Janette is a lifelong musician and supporter of the arts.  She and her husband entertain the island with their musical duo, Woodford Line. 
     Her new found passions since moving to Nantucket are photography and birding, both of which are featured on her website,  Combining her talents in photography with pACKactive!, proud puppy owners receive amazing shots of their pets!
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